US 36

Castle Rock Construction Company was a major component of the Design Build project for US 36, the Denver Boulder Turnpike. The two phases of this project had many partners including CDOT, RTD, Granite Construction and Ames Construction. CRCC is the concrete paver for the Ames Granite team. The project extends from Federal Boulevard to Foothills Parkway in Boulder. The current roadway is 2 lanes in each direction. Final configuration will be 3 lanes in each direction with a 12’ outside shoulder for bus traffic and future lane with HOV lanes in both east and west bound lanes. The project is 1.2 million SY of 11” doweled Concrete Pavement. This project is to be completed by 2015.

To aid in our continual quest to improve the quality of the concrete paving, Castle Rock Construction proposed an extensive Quality Control Plan and designed an optimized concrete mix for this project. The purpose of this proportioning and mixing was to aid in the production of a more consistent concrete batch with the ultimate goal of producing a smoother ride on the concrete paving. The optimized mix is a positive factor in the production of smoother and more durable concrete pavements. The end result was a very consistent concrete being produced and very good rides on this project. The Quality Control plan encompassed every process involved in Concrete Paving. Action limits were set for each process which was more stringent than current CDOT Specification.

US 36 is the largest concrete paving project CDOT has ever completed to this day.