Wadsworth Parkway

The Wadsworth Parkway project was a 6″ concrete overlay of an existing asphalt roadway. The project had 102,650 SY of 6″ concrete paving and 8,258 SY of 6 inch High Early concrete paving for the intersections. The neat line concrete required for the project was 18,486 CY with CDOT bidding 4,159 CY furnish for irregularities. The panel size of this project was the 6′ by 6′. The entire project was milled for better bond between the asphalt and concrete.

The area is heavy residential with heavy retail support. The ADT of this road is 39,000. Traffic had to maintained through this stretch without the use of crossovers. The road is 38 feet wide with turn lanes attached. One lane of traffic was maintained through the project. The paving plan was to pave a 22 foot pass (10′ shoulder and 12’lane) and 16 foot pass (4′ shoulder and 12′ lane). The project had 5 intersections which had to be maintained and could only be closed on the weekends to complete this work. The project management team came up with detours to keep the retail businesses happy and finish the intersections in two weekends.

This project was started and finished in July 2011. The temperatures were in the high 90’s and the traffic during the day was very bad. The project management staff talked CDOT in to paving from 3 AM to 2 PM. This change aided greatly in the timely delivery of fresh concrete to the paver. The project had on and off curb and gutter and safety edge. CRCC came up with a removable safety edge side form and used a mountable curb to overlay the existing barrier curb. With the temperatures there were also some testing issues which were overcome. Overall the entire project went well and was finished on time and with budget and has a very good ride and is aesthetically pleasing.