Excellent Concrete Paving

Please accept my congratulations for winning a national concrete award for the CDOT project ST A 0853-070, 17110, US 385-north and south. This recent project presented several unique challenges that your company formulated successful solutions in concept and reality:

  1. Approximately 10 miles of7.5″ concrete paving on a narrow two-lane road with areas of a steep shoulder. You orchestrated a traffic control plan and work schedule that prepared a widened road base that later allowed a well-organized paving operation.
  2. With a high interest by Castle Rock Construction and CDOT to have a resultant smooth highway from this project you undertook development of an optimized concrete mix, instigated rigorous Quality Control for real-time gradation monitoring and assured that the paving base was prepared properly. Your HRI results 41 to 65 were outstanding.
  3. This project was the first COOT project with concrete paving on a Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) base. The existent highway was an extremely distressed asphalt (HMA) pavement that had long ago exceeded its usefulness. You embraced the FDR concept and provided a recycled and outstanding base to supplement the new 7.5 inch concrete (PCCP) pavement.

Tills project is an example of the fine work your company has provided on Region 4 COOT projects. Please consider that these abbreviated remarks only reflect a small part of your rigorous efforts to provide excellent concrete pavements to your customers. Please be at liberty to share this recommendation with others to convey your company’s ability to provide a necessary and vital part of the transportation system.

Gary DeWitt
State of Colorado

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