Quality of the Completed Work is Very Good

Dear Sir:

This letter is in reference to Castle Rock Construction Company (CRCC) for their outstanding cooperation, supervision and workmanship on the $10 million dollar SH-45 Rehabilitation Project in Pueblo, Colorado.

I am a Project Engineer with the Colorado Department of Transportation with 29+ years of experience. The project was a 3.5 mile rehabilitation project with phased construction that included; milling existing asphalt for elevation correction, full depth reclamation of existing asphalt, subexcavation of full depth reclamation for additional elevation correction, subgrade stabilization at a majority of the subexcavation areas, installation of base course and 8.25″ of Portland Concrete Paving for the final riding surface. In addition; utility, traffic signals, signing, asphalt paving at the approaches to the project, bridge repair and striping were included in the scope of work.

CRCC was the Prime Contractor for the project and provided several key personnel to administer the work including; Greg Nejezchleb, Project Manager, Larry Hanneman, Project Superintendent, and Mark Euser, Assistant Project Superintendent, in addition to the several other competent superintendents/foremen that were provided for each specific work operation performed by CRCC. All supervisory personnel, specialty personnel, equipment operators, and laborers provided excellent cooperation with the entire Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) Team during this 6 month, fast paced, project, that included day, night and weekend work to complete.

CRCC provided direct oversight of 22 subcontractors, in addition to performing their own contract work, while addressing 14 contract modifications totaling approximately $1.0 million dollars. All contract work and contract modifications were completed within the original contract time and the quality of the completed work is very good. The project has received considerable accolades from CDOT and representatives, local agencies and the traveling public. I’m proud to be part of it.

As state above, I have been with CDOT for more than 29 years, and 20+ of those years have been as Project Engineer. In my tenure, there have only been a couple Contractor’s that are able to effectively and efficiency manage large projects and numerous subcontractor’s while performing their own contract work. Based on CRCC’s cooperation, supervision and effort on this great project, I highly recommend them.

Dean Sandoval
CDOT Region 2, Project Engineer

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