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Castle Rock Construction was a subcontractor to SEMA Construction on I-225 Parker to Mississippi CDOT Project. The project is not only the widening of the last stretch of I -225 from Parker road to Mississippi Avenue but also the extension of the light rail from Parker to Iliff. Another light rail project is occurring along this corridor at the same time requiring an effective coordination effort between CDOT, RTD, SEMA, CRCC and Kiewit. A few of the key elements for this project are as follows:

  • The raising of the Yale Bridge over I-225 to accommodate the light rail.
  • The crushing of the existing roadway to provide base for the project.
  • A light rail bridge over I-225 to move the light rail from the center of I-225 to the east side of I-225.
  • 258,000 SY of 12.5” doweled concrete paving.
  • Storm water improvements
  • 25,000 feet of concrete barrier

This project is another successful example of concrete pavement in the Denver Metro area.

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