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Colorado Department of Transportation

CRCC has some great people working for them! There is a definite “can do” attitude when tackling a task. Questions were responded to in a timely manner and doing what is best for the job was incorporated at all levels of management. CDOT very much appreciated these attributes!

CRCC knows concrete paving! They have streamlined this process and do it very well. From upper management down to the employees, CRCC, is a pleasure to work with. Disagreements and working through problem issues is an essential part of a successful project for both CDOT and CRCC. These issues were resolved in a way that was best for both parties. CRCC is commended for a job well done!”

Troy Branom
CDOT Region 2, Project Engineer

Colorado Department of Transportation

Castle Rock Construction did an outstanding job coordinating the work. They were very knowledgeable of the contract requirements and exceeded all expectations. CRCC worked closely with the City and local businesses to minimize impacts. They provided an outstanding crew that completed the project under budget and nearly a month a head of schedule.

I have been involved in construction management for over twenty-four years and have worked with hundreds of contractors during this time. Castle Rock Construction Co. is easily one of the best contractors I have worked with and continue to improve their performance levels.

Jeff Dollerschell
CDOT Region 4, Project Engineer

Colorado Department of Transportation

CRCC provided direct oversight of 22 subcontractors, in addition to performing their own contract work, while addressing 14 contract modifications totaling approximately $1.0 million dollars. All contract work and contract modifications were completed within the original contract time and the quality of the completed work is very good. The project has received considerable accolades from CDOT and representatives, local agencies and the traveling public. I’m proud to be part of it.

Dean Sandoval
CDOT Region 2, Project Engineer

Douglas County Colorado

Castle Rock Construction is the contractor on our 2017 concrete panel repair contract. This project included several types of work, including reconstruction of two existing roadways, joint sealing, and emergency panel repairs. They have performed exceptionally well on all of the work included in the contract, completing each project on time and under budget. The team at Castle Rock Construction is exceptionally experienced, providing quality work and professional project management.

Daniel Roberts
Project Engineer for Douglas County

Denver The Mile High City

I have found that Castle Rock Construction Company to be a “no nonsense” company that prides themselves on getting projects completed on time. Their staff works hard to provide the customer a quality product on time, each and every time. As the Colorado Department of Transportation’s Concrete and Physical Properties Program Manager I chaired several specification task forces. Castle Rock Construction Company always had representatives present to give input and insight as these specifications were developed. As the DIA Landside Engineering Project Manager I worked with Castle Rock Construction Company on the reconstruction of inbound Pena Boulevard from 64th Avenue to Second Creek. This project was a great success being completed on time, on budget and within specification.

Glenn M. Frieler P.E.
Denver International Airport
Planning and Development
Landside Engineering Unit

Colorado Department of Transportation

Since then, Castle Rock Construction has been the prime contractor on three more of my construction projects. The first was a $20 million project on 1-76 in Region 6. That project consisted of 5 Y2 miles of new interstate concrete pavement, approximately 1,000,000 cy of Embankment material, and 4 new bridge structures. CRCC did an outstanding job managing the project and all of the sub-contractors. They devised a new Traffic Control plan that expedited the construction and minimized traffic control costs on the project. The project was extremely successful, was completed on time, and came in under budget, despite numerous unanticipated changes.

L. Brett Locke
Resident Engineer Region 4, Sterling

Colorado Department of Transportation

Tills project is an example of the fine work your company has provided on Region 4 COOT projects. Please consider that these abbreviated remarks only reflect a small part of your rigorous efforts to provide excellent concrete pavements to your customers. Please be at liberty to share this recommendation with others to convey your company’s ability to provide a necessary and vital part of the transportation system.

Gary DeWitt
State of Colorado