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I-70 Seibert East

Castle Rock Construction prides itself on building quality concrete pavement projects all over the State of Colorado. I-70 Seibert East is a good example of a rural highway project that was a great fit for our company on the eastern plains of Colorado. The project involved 11 1/2 miles of concrete paving along Interstate 70 as well as the resurfacing of 4 bridges.

In early 2015, CDOT let the first 7 miles of the project that was to overlay both eastbound and westbound lanes of I-70. CRCC was very concerned about the project letting this late and pulling off the aggressive schedule that was required to get the new pavement open to traffic by November 1st. Through the dedicated efforts of our talented workforce, the cooperation and assistance of CDOT and several very effective subcontractors CRCC made the deadline with no problem.

Due to this performance, in early 2016 CDOT issued a change order to extend the project another 4 miles in both lanes to the west of the original job. CRCC was very appreciative of this needed work that meant a lot to our company and workers.

The scope on this job included removing the existing concrete pavement in reconstruction areas, crushing the removals into recycled road base and recycled concrete aggregate, and placing embankment material on the shoulders to bring them up to the required grade. The concrete paving involved overlaying existing concrete with applied asphalt bond breaker for a large portion of the project. Under the county road bridges, removals were necessary and then new concrete elevations were established to maintain head room. The median crossovers required for switching traffic head to head were also placed utilizing concrete pavement.

The existing sub grade in most of the reconstruction sections was found to be unsuitable material, so one main challenge on the job was completing unclassified excavation to replace this material while still staying on schedule to open the highway before the winter months.

CRCC produced our concrete for this project using sand that was mined and washed at a pit location adjacent to the highway project. By utilizing material that was within close proximity to the job site, we were able to minimize long truck hauls to be both environmentally friendly and cost effective.

The scope of this project included:

  • 87,000 SY of existing concrete pavement removal
  • 101,000 SY of asphalt milling completed by Western Milling
  • 121,000 CY of embankment placed
  • 85,000 CY of road base material was crushed by J2 Contracting and placed by CRCC
  • 31,500 CY of unclassified excavation completed to stabilize the sub grade
  • 105,000 tons of sand was mined and washed by our aggregate division for the production of our concrete mix utilizing optimized concrete mixes to aid in attaining smoother ride results
  • 515,000 SY of 8” and 12” doweled concrete pavement
  • 40,000 tons of asphalt placed by P&H

This section of I-70 in eastern Colorado was the smoothest riding concrete highway in the entire state when it was built. It has now moved to 2nd place because we beat our own ride numbers on a subsequent project in Craig, CO.

CRCC has enjoyed a long-lasting partnership with the CDOT engineers and inspectors of this region and it was our pleasure to be working for them again.

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