Prime Contractor

I’m writing in regards to my experience working with Castle Rock Construction Co. I have had the pleasure to work with Castle Rock Construction for most of my 27 years with COOT. In fact, I worked with them on one of their first COOT projects when they came to Colorado and were doing business as I.F. Jensen in 1984.

Since then, Castle Rock Construction has been the prime contractor on three more of my construction projects. The first was a $20 million project on 1-76 in Region 6. That project consisted of 5 Y2 miles of new interstate concrete pavement, approximately 1,000,000 cy of Embankment material, and 4 new bridge structures. CRCC did an outstanding job managing the project and all of the sub-contractors. They devised a new Traffic Control plan that expedited the construction and minimized traffic control costs on the project. The project was extremely successful, was completed on time, and came in under budget, despite numerous unanticipated changes.

CRCC constructed a 10-mile section of 1-76 between Atwood and Sterling. The project was fairly straight forward, but it was a fairly large project and included 10 bridge structures. They did an excellent job with all aspect of the project and again completed the project on time and under budget.

The last project was the US 385, Idalia North and South project constructed in 2010. This project was extremely difficult to build since it was a 28′ concrete section through a portion of Eastern Colorado with severe side-slopes. The working room on the project was very close, since one-way traffic had to be maintained through the project. Castle Rock Construction developed a very good Phasing plan to utilize the two project locations to expedite the work. They also piloted the “blended aggregate” specification on the project with much success. The project location was subjected to several atypical storms including tornadoes and severe flooding. CRCC did an excellent job of coordinating sub-contractors and managing the near disasters. The final product was a beautiful stretch of highway and won numerous state and national awards. CRCC is always very professional and a pleasure to work with. They take great pride in every project that they are involved with. I would recommend them for any size or complexity of heavy highway construction project. I can honestly say that I have enjoyed working with them on every project that they have had.

L. Brett Locke
Resident Engineer Region 4, Sterling

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